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Traditional yarrow stalks used for I Ching.


These natural and tangible stalks are foraged in Swedish Lapland. One set has 50 stalks, 17 cm long (7 inches).


The I Ching is an ancient Chinese divination text and is used for guidance and decision-making. 


As a forager from Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland, I love picking wild herbs and berries during the bright arctic summer days. I use the yarrow flowers and leaves for my herbal teas, making oil infusions for my balms and the first small leaves are delicious in my cooking! I am very happy to find that also the stems have a great use so I can take care of the whole plant! When I use them in I Ching, I just love the fact that I use so many senses: I smell the yarrow parfume, I hear the special noise they make, and they are so tactile with their natural feel! I hope you will enjoy them too.


Eva Gunnare, founder of Essense of Lapland

Yarrow stalks for I Ching

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