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Culinary nature & kitchen tour 
Green flavours of Swedish Lapland

Join me on a 2.5-3 hour inspirational outdoor and indoor tour to discover nature's hidden treasures - filled with good flavors and lots of tips.

We start with an outdoor walk in the area to see which flowers, trees and berries I pick nearby. In my basket I have everything from Birch sap, Pine tip salt, candied Willowherb flowers, Dandelion capres, to Meadow Sweet drink and dried Bog bilberries.

Depending on the season, the plants look different, in winter covered by snow. But even if the plants are sleeping, they are worth discovering and appreciating!

We then continue home to my culinary workshop and my treasure room. There will we taste more goodies, get inspiration on how to treat, preserve and store foraged plants. If you wish, you can help make the herb or berry product I'm currently producing!

A "Fika" with herbal teas or coffee and many more homemade taste bits end this tour.

With this tour you will:


  • learn more about wild plants for food, seasoning and other uses

  • taste many products and drinks made from refined wild herbs and berries

  • get tips on how to forage and refine wild plants

  • make a home visit to my herb kitchen and treasure room

  • participate in the manufacture of my herbal products

  • look at nature with different eyes afterwards!

January - April 2024 this tour can be offered in Jokkmokk starting from Sirkasgatan 4
From April 2024, the tour will start from Lassbyn (near Gunnarsbyn), where my business will move in the spring.
Address: Lassbyn 200

Price 2024 per adult: SEK 2225     This tour is only offered for private parties. Call or email to book.
Min 2p, max 6p         For groups over 6p, come back for quote

Bring clothing adapted to the weather. The length of the outdoor walk is also adjusted according to the weather and your wishes. Inform about any food allergies when booking.

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