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The essence of Lapland for me

Who am I, Eva, and why do I spell my company name "wrong"?

For more than thirty years I have been living in the heart of Swedish Lapland. Many years in Jokkmokk and from 2024 in Mjöträsk and Lassbyn.

As a young woman, I came from the capital Stockholm to the mountains and immediately fell in love with the spectacular wilderness, the warm and easygoing people and the culture, which was so different from everything I had experienced before.

I have lived, studied, worked and loved every minute of my life in Lapland and as the mother of my Sami son I have moved closer to the Sami culture.

I have been working with the Laponia World Heritage for many years and travelled around the area extensively but my passion and current work since 10 years is  local food and especially wild herbs and berries!

The seasons change very quickly in Swedish Lapland and meeting exciting people and discovering new adventures creates wonderful memories in my everyday life.

I love to share these experiences in a personal, informative way that will stimulate all your senses. That's why I spell my company name EsSense of Lapland.


Greta Huuva och mina klasskamrater plockar fjällkvanne vid älvbrinken.

Här är klassen med på den stora höstslakten i Kuorpak, Sirges sameby.


Per Ola Utsi lär oss om konsten av slakta fint och med god hygien.

Lapland food creator - what is it?


In my world, a food creator is someone who wants to take advantage of local food ingredients in the very best ways. To know traditions, but dare to be creative and highlight new ways, new flavors and new combinations.

I want to bring out the unique flavors of Lapland, season meat and fish with wild herbs and offer you a multi-sensory experience filled with inspiration. Here in the land of the midnight sun, the meat, fish, berries and plants are more full of nutrition and more flavorful  than in other places and I am most passionate about highlighting wild herbs and berries in unexpected and delicious ways.

In 2009/10, I took a one-year course at the Sami Education Center in Jokkmokk. The class had Greta Huuva, Sami food ambassador, as the main teacher.


From the syllabus:

"After completing the training, you have good knowledge of Sami food and cooking culture, everything from collecting and utilizing raw materials to practical cooking. Examples of raw materials are reindeer, moose, birds, fish, berries, herbs and plants.

Various conservation methods such as digging, smoking and drying are reviewed. Emphasis is placed on making use of the knowledge of the older generation, and passing this on."



Nature and I...

Nature is the basis of all my activities. The nature around my home and at all the facilities I visit. Over the years, I have come to see, appreciate and understand nature in a completely different way than I did before. I've made an effort to understand it and apparently made a new friend!

Therefore, it is especially important to always respect and take into account the sensitivity of nature. Be careful not to pick too much or spoil. To be part of the ecological landscape in harmony.

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