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Angelica archangelica


My logo consists of a seed stand from the special Lapland plant: Angelica, Angelica archangelica. It is the only plant in the medieval monastery gardens originating from northern Scandinavia.

The Angelica is a magical plant in many ways.
Traditionally, it has been used both as medicine and in cooking. Especially for the Sámi culture.


The Angelica is big, stately and strong and is an inspiration to me in many ways. To explore its special and delicious flavors and aromas, to learn more about its medicinal properties. To make me long for the summer stay in the mountains...

"Angelica is said to have a powerful effect,

for those who cut a small piece of the root and hold it in their mouth,

poison cannot kill them,

evil air and sorcery cannot inflict any pain."

(Written by Spegel in the book God's work, 1685)

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