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Home tasting - bring Lapland to your home!

Join me for a taste show in a relaxed home style!

Now everyone can join in on a show and partake of nature's green flavors. I invite you to my home through the video "Savour the eight seasons of Jokkmokk" with the accompanying taste package.


During the roughly 40-minute long video, I want to share what I love most: the fantastic seasons here in the north and the exciting and delicious flavors from nature's green pantry. Flavors that I have packaged for two persons that can be sent after.

This is also a fun and delicious gift! The video is translated into English (English text) and the information in the package will be obtained in English. However, some countries do not accept food, such as Norway, the United States and Australia. So please check first before you order whether it is possible to send to the country you want.


How to use:


First, you order home a flavor package that arrives in the mail within a couple of days. You can choose between the "Flavor box complete" with all my 15 herbal and berry products I refined, or the "Try-on package" with 8 products to try.

When you have received the products, it is time to prepare some of the flavors (takes a quarter of an hour). In the package you get a manual with a description.

With the flavors and other products ready, it's time to sit down in a comfortable place and start the video (view below)!


Flavor box complete

The complete flavor box contains all flavors, fragrances and products mentioned in the video - a total of 15 different flavors such  as
candied Angelica, birch seasoned crackers, rosebay willowherb cordial, meadowsweet mulled wine, dried bog bilberries, birch scrub and much more.
Suitable for 2 people.

Price: SEK 695



Pine bark bread: 15g

Juniper berries: 5g

Dried bog bilberries: 5g

Dried birch leaves: 3g
Birch scrub: 25ml

Meadowsweet drink: 50ml

Pine shoot oil: 10ml

Pine shoot salt: 25ml

Birch spiced bread sticks: 50g

Dandelion syrup: 25ml

Rosebay willowherb drink: 50ml

Candied Angelica: 15g

Cloudberry and Blueberry rolls: 6g

Labrador tea scent bag

Rowan berry chocolate praline: 2 pcs


Try-on package

For those who want to try some of my flavors. The trial pack contains 8 of the15 flavors, fragrances and products mentioned in the video. Such as candied angelica, cloudberry and blueberry fruit rolls, pine bark bread, dried bog bilberries, etc.

Suitable for 2 people.

Price: SEK 395

IMG_8411 (1).jpg


Pine bark bread: 15g

Juniper: berries 5g

Dried bog bilberries: 5g

Dried birch leaves: 3g

Dandelion syrup: 25 ml

Candied angelica: 15g

Cloudberry and

blueberry fruit rolls: 6g

Labrador tea scent bag

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